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5 of My Favorite Oregon Photographers

As I learn to take pictures of my own work, I've come to have a true appreciation for the art of photography and the skill it takes to capture a moment in time and then edit it to perfection. Instagram is saturated with beautiful images and it's easy to find a photographers with over 100k, but even with the endless potential of new accounts, some of my favorite photographers are right here in Eugene, OR.

Whether you’re in search of a wedding photographer, looking for new inspiration on Instagram, or could use some encouragement in your own photography journey, these girls know what they’re doing! They spend hours editing in Lightroom and have travelled to picturesque locations within the PNW and beyond, working on their portfolios and building their brands in the process. They’re young, talented, and each have a very unique style. Without further ado, let me introduce you to...

1. @melissa_stickney

I’ve followed this girl's account for years and am continuously drawn to the photos she takes. The intimacy of the images reflects in her feed and are complimented by the gorgeous desert vibes and colors. Her photos have both depth and connection and I love the way she uses light in editing.

Instagram: @melissa_stickney

2. @madisonmackie_

I have the pleasure of knowing Madison personally and she is a JOY to be around. She’s quick to give encouragement and has a relaxing vibe, making couples feel at ease. Her photos have authenticity, showcasing unique poses and glances. She pushes herself to stay focused on the couple and their experience rather than following trends in the industry.

Instagram: @madisonmackie_


Summer is another artist I have the pleasure of knowing in person, and she's always so bubbly and willing to connect. Her images have unique angles with bold tones and colors that blend together beautifully. She’s from Georgia and loves to capture adventure both in front of and behind her camera. She’s great at finding crazy unique locations for her couples and her images include inspiring landscapes.


4. @alexelisephoto

Alex is originally from Hawaii and her style is infused with so much fun color. I love her use of greens! Her photos feel both warm and timeless and she captures the personality of her couples with each shot. She's a refreshing account to follow on Instagram as her stories are aesthetic, have a vintage feel, and give fun sneaks into her life while sharing what inspires her.

Instagram: @alexelisephoto

5. @kraffphotos

Kierra’s style is full of movement and she takes incredible action shots of her couples, making her feed feel alive. Her editing style is natural, giving her images an authentic and original look. She’s adept at creating poses that reflect the location, whether she's shooting in Arizona or Australia.

Instagram: @kraffphotos

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