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8 Signs You Need on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

With all the details surrounding your big day what information is actually important to share with your guests? Taking all your ideas off Pinterest and turning them into a reality can be overwhelming, especially if you have a vision that requires skills and materials outside your comfort zone.

Buying pre-made signs can be a good option but they don’t make a unique statement and can add up fast for something you'll likely never use again. Most importantly, they lack customization and personality.

After being involved with several weddings and an admirer of the industry myself, I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite signs that can reflect your style as a couple AND be a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes up the most detailed day of your life.

Welcome Sign

1. A large welcome sign with your names is not only a personal greeting for guests, but its placement can be important for directional purposes if you have a specific entrance that’s not quite obvious or if you need to catch arriving eyes to a specific area. It can also be an early indication of your wedding's vibe and the surface options for these are endless.

2. Order of Events

Creating moments are what wedding days are all about so let your guests know what to expect from the minute they arrive. If they know what they’re sticking around for they’ll feel in the loop and prepared to celebrate. You can go into as much detail as you want; listing activities taking place every ten minutes or highlighting events on the hour. Either way, sharing the night’s agenda is an easy way to involve your guests.

3. Bar Menu

Depending on your drink setup it can be unclear what is being served for the evening. A well placed sign by the bar can highlight your unique refreshment options and allow you to share signature drinks if you have them. These can always be counted on for an easy decor piece as well since drinks can have fun names that look so classy on a sign.

4. Dinner Menu

With all the money you spend on dinner you want friends and family to not only enjoy the food you serve but appreciate the gift of a generous meal. Having a well placed menu board speeds up the line if you’re serving buffet style and builds anticipation for the meal that you’ve been working hard to plan and pay for.

5. Unplugged Ceremony

It’s almost sad that this sign has become so popular at weddings but I’ve seen too many photos with an aunt holding out her iPhone in the middle of the aisle or been to a ceremony interrupted by buzzing. There's a lot of ways to inform guests to keep their phones away and quiet but my favorite is using a subtle acrylic sign at the entrance to the ceremony. Without drawing too much attention from the setup it’s a good way to remind guests to respect both the photographer and solemnity of the ceremony.

6. Last Name Sign

Not only does a last name sign make a personal statement on the wedding day itself but if you get one made on a permanent surface such as wood or metal, it can hang in your home forever. These make great gifts and can also double as decor for bridal showers and rehearsals leading up to their display on the big day.

8. Dessert Menu

Delectable desserts with exquisite fillings and thick frosting deserve their own stage and a well placed sign with a list of fun treats can encourage guests to partake in the sweet portion of the evening. These can take the form of a small tabletop sign or a large free standing piece. It can also be helpful to place additional small signs in front of each treat display and clear the confusion between a raspberry filling and a blackberry one.

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